Let’s Create Content!

We live in a digital era. The way that people interact with each other is changing and the world is becoming more and more connected. We are in immediate reach of each other.

Here’s a question. When was the last time that you chose to read up about a company instead of watching a video about them?
Never – we know … (Why are we even writing this? We need to make a video!)

JCClick Productions offers digital solutions for companies who are serious about staying relevant in this ever-changing era and who want to stay ahead of their game.
Not only will we create beautiful, relevant content for your business, but we will also help you to determine the best possible digital solution for your company.

Talk to us, we’re listening.

Our Services

Video Production

We create high quality, cinematic films and animations. From pre to post-production we will make sure your story gets told as effectively as possible.

Media Consulting
Media Consulting

We know that there is a lot of pressure to generate relevant digital media and to make sure your company stays ahead of the competition. Our experienced team will help you figure out exactly what it is you need to make your digital communication as effective as possible. Sometimes you really need a video when you think you need an animation, and other times you don’t need a lawyer but rather a psychologist... You get the drift.


We offer all inclusive photography packages and tailor it around your company’s specific needs. We do corporate functions, photo booths, headshots and product shots to name a few.


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